Established in 1994, COVA is an engineering, construction, building and civil company. The name of “COVA” has come from ancient Persian meaning “Where are we going”. The Company has registered in private joint stock by registration number of 104755 and our current grades and licenses:

  • “1” in Building Sector and Civil“
  • “1” in Mechanical & Electrical Equipment and Installation“
  • "2" in Road & Transportation
  • "5" in Oil & Gas
  • "5" in Water

Approaching projects with creativity is what makes us stand out from the crowd, and the consistent peer-recognition through winning engineering and environmental awards is testament to that. Our people represent the best and brightest in their fields. We're proud of the passion and success of our team in striving to be the industry leaders, and it shows in our results. 

We come up with smart ways to solve engineering problems. We’re inherently inquisitive and we rate ourselves on our ability to innovate; and our clients place a high value on it. It also means we work on more challenging projects that not only require a creative engineering approach, but the need to be inventive logistically in terms of equipment and project management. Our fundamental philosophy of finding creative solutions to engineering and construction challenges for clients has never changed, with ongoing relationships with our clients being one of our key strategies.

The main operational focus of COVA is to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements through innovation and teamwork and to promote industry excellence in the management of safety, quality, environment and human relations in every project we undertake.

Our Services

We proudly provide variety of services for different industries. We are fully compatible with our client’s needs and present our services in forms of PC, EPC, and EPCF Contract. (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Finance).

We are currently committed to a wide range of projects throughout Iran and recently have broadened our job to business development area and take responsibility of A to Z of Works from conceptual phase to sales & operation including preparing Concept Proposal, Developing Business plan & Feasibility study, Financing, Design, Construction, Commissioning & Operation, Sales & Marketing.


With the ability to deliver end-to-end projects, we pride ourselves on our engineering excellence in the following sectors:

  • Road & Transportation: General Civil Works, Bulk Earthworks, Road, Underground Tunnel & intersection, Ground and Under Ground Railway Stations, Airport Terminals
  • Building: High-rise Residential, commercial and Office Blocks, Hotels, Condo & apartment, Villas and Houses Complex, Shopping Malls, Retail parks, Outlets
  • Educational and Cultural: Universities, Schools, Community Centers, Museums, and Cultural Centers
  • Health Service: Hospitals and Clinics, Medical Centers
  • Public Service & Recreational Facilities: Exhibitions and Fairs, Park lands, Amusement Parks, Sport Complex
  • Infrastructure & Industrial: Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater treatment, Water Storage, Factories, Warehouses
  • Energy, Oil & Gas: Oil Storage Tanks and Refinery’s Civil works, Renewable Energy, Gas pressure stations and Repair yards